ARTmineSKP Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Questions

Is the plugin itself free?
Yes, the plugin is entirely free.
How many pieces of artwork will I have access to?
You’ll have access to more than 5000 pieces of original artwork by contemporary artists from around the world.
How do you purchase work from ARTmine?
ARTmine is owned and operated by Agora Gallery. Once the artwork selection is completed and submitted we will contact you to help answer any questions and go over the details of the chosen artworks.

After the artworks are confirmed, you will be invoiced. If the order is being shipped in the tri-state area we can arrange for help with installation.
How can the requested artworks be viewed in person?
If the work is currently being exhibited at the gallery, your clients would be welcome to come and view the works during the exhibition. For all other works, we will discuss arrangements.
My client is not interested in purchasing original artwork, why should I use ARTmineSKP?
Whether in the real world, or in a model, original art on the wall shows your space at its best. In addition, ARTmine has a wide range of works available and it may be that your clients will be able to find something which suits both the room and their budget. Prints are also available of some works.
Do you offer framing services?
We will be glad to assist you with all framing needs.

Tech Questions

What are the system requirements?
Our plugin will work on any Internet-connected PC or Mac with SketchUp 8 or later. If you are using a PC the plugin will work best if you have Internet Explorer 8 or above installed, even if it is not your default web browser.
How much space will the plugin require?
Our servers do the hard work so your computer doesn’t have to – it takes less than 100kb.
How does installation and set-up work?
It's easy! Just just follow the insturctions on our download page.
Can I use your plugin with rendering tools like V-Ray for SketchUp, Indigo Renderer, Maxwell or SU Podium?
Of course! The artwork you insert in your model is just like any other SketchUp component, so it should look great in your render. If you're having any trouble try exploding your components - that often does the trick.
I have a small firm with a number of designers who use SketchUp regularly; would it be possible for my entire firm to have access to this tool?
Certainly. Companies can choose to have a single, shared log-in or have individual log-ins for each designer.
Why can't I list, email or print the artwork in my model?
Only registered users can save, print and email a list of the artwork selected. It's easy to become a registered user, and it's especially worthwhile if you're an architect or interior designer whose clients might be interested in the artworks you have chosen. To become a registered user, just sign up.
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