Mothers’ Day Special

What could be a more special gift than an original work of art that accurately represents your mother?

mothers day original art

We are willing to bet that your mother is the most important and special person in your life. We are also willing to bet that the special bond you have with her is part of the reason it is always so difficult to find a gift that’s good enough for her.

What could be a more unique and thoughtful gift than an original work of art? Not only is it beautiful and classy, but also a great way to demonstrate your love and feelings towards the most special person in your life. The process of creating as well as purchasing art is an emotional one, and when you are doing it for a loved one, there is nothing that could make a more precious gift.

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“My mother said to me, ‘If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.’ Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso.”

–       Pablo Picasso

Therefore, with Mothers’ Day just around the corner, we have put together a collection of artworks that will be perfect for the most important lady in your life. Here is your chance to thank your mother with something that she will cherish forever.

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Giclee Print on Canvas
26″ x 22″
$600 (each)

Jessica Watson-Thorp describes her relationship with paint as a “love affair”, playing with the layering technique and carving her subject into the paint just before it dries. Inspired by Matisse, the vibrant colors of time spent in Africa, and the rhythms of life, Jessica seeks to represent all that is positive in the world. “I am an artist,” she says, “I am a woman, and I am inspired by life!”


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Acrylic on Canvas
36″ x 24″
$2800 (each)

Patricia Brintle takes inspiration from her homeland, Haiti and aims to bridge the gap between Haitian islanders and the Haitian diaspora. Her subjects are dignified, often staring searchingly into the distance, their latest harvest clasped in their arms like small children. Full of symbolism and love in its purest form, her works would be a great gift for a loved one.


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Acrylic on Canvas
12″ x 12″
$300 (each)

Simple compositions and subtle pastel colors are the main characteristics of Elizabeth Sabine’s works. Her still lifes, though marvelously detailed, stand against backgrounds so blank, with lighting so diffused and impenetrable, that they seem to exist in another dimension. Sabine’s work is highly emotional. “I believe that art goes beyond the basic aesthetics of an image and is really rooted in the feelings a piece of art work invokes as well as the life it creates,” she says.


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Digital Print on Aluminum
24″ x 24″
$1000 (each)

The luminous watercolors of Josie Mengai combine brilliant pigment with a sharpness of line and level of detail not often seen in that medium. Taking inspiration from her travels, she translates all the beauty she experiences in nature onto her canvas. What could be a more special gift than a little piece of nature that so accurately represents your mother?


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Archival Digital Print, Plexiglass Mount
75″ x 55.5″

Rina Lazar believes strongly in the tremendous impact of visual art on the formation of consciousness and human thinking. Sweeping in scope and profound in meaning, her art is infused with a special feminine mystique and a subconscious eroticism that speaks of the underlying realm that every human inevitably inhabits.


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Oil on Canvas
20″ x 16″

The realistic floral still-lifes of American artist, Craig Frankowski are colorful, bright, and completely unique. Frankowski’s masterful understanding of color, line, and form is given depth and dimensionality through the artist’s freeform canvases, which he builds and stretches into various shapes, thicknesses, and designs to achieve different effects.


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