Elevating Interior Design with ARTmineSKP

Discover the unique design models you can create with the ARTmine Sketchup Plugin.

ArtmineSKP plugin

Interior Designing is not as simple as decorating your home or an office space. Today, it’s a highly specialized and technical area, governed by several disciplines, including technology and virtual representation. Model building has become an essential part of the process; important because with the right tools a designer is able to show their vision, down to the smallest detail.

We at Agora Gallery know a thing or two about aesthetically improving your living or working areas. By adding the right artwork, you can change the energy of the room, set the mood, and even tell a story about the person occupying the space. That’s why we’ve developed ARTmineSKP, a plugin for SketchUp that turns your models into extraordinary spaces by incorporating original fine art into your designs.

To give you a glimpse into the wonders this tool can create for your models, we teamed up with Klimentina Kalanoska, an interior designer and a landscape architect that uses SketchUp on a daily basis when building her models. Klimentina designed a modern apartment and decorated it with original works of art from art-mine.com by using ARTmineSKP.

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An abstract painting by Sherman Lim that alludes to a snowy mountain peak has been used to compliment the subtle interiors of this living room as well as the greenery it overlooks. Just like a Monet lights up a room or a Michelangelo sculpture improves a simple corner beyond recognition, adding original works of art automatically enhances your designs.

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Could anything be more serene than Kenji Inoue’s surreal landscapes? Klimentina masterfully ties the room with these two artworks, and the space becomes a peaceful and relaxing master bedroom.

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Elizabeth Sabine’s seascape is the ideal work to make this guest bedroom even more inviting with its subtle blues and scarce composition. The painting also accentuates the overall travel theme given to the room by the designer.

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It is difficult to make an odd corner in a design model seem welcoming and homely. However, with the addition of an original work of art like Chet B. Simpson’s mesmerizing landscape, this space becomes as exciting as any other.

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This art-loving teenage girl’s room has been adorned with Stivi’s emotive portraits. In order to add to the vibrancy of the room, one of the walls features an artistic mixed media work by the talented artist. Not only do these original works of art add character to the room, but also reflect the lively personality of the owner.

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Gerd Dagne’s vibrant oil paintings, resembling the imagery from video games that every boy adores, fit in perfectly with the interiors of this teenage boy’s room. They add color and life to an otherwise toned-down atmosphere.

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Can’t wait to know more? Take a look at this introductory video and head over to our website, where you can download the plug-in.

Klimentina Kalanoska is an interior designer and landscape artist with over 10 years of experience and a portfolio full of happy clients. She loves designing and creating spaces, and also has a deep passion for fine arts. You can view more of her works on her website.



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