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ARTmine is a great resource for art buyers, including private and corporate collectors, interior designers, and art consultants. It is a prominent platform for online art sales and its vision and constantly expanding artist base go hand in hand with the globally present boost of the online art market.

We believe that collecting and purchasing art is a very personal and emotional experience. Whether you are looking to complete a room, decorate an entire home, or add vitality and professional credibility to an office space, ARTmine is the perfect tool. It allows you to quickly search for afordable treasures within your budget. Our sales expert Angela Di Bello is thrilled to embark on this journey with you. With recommendations and assistance with finding the best works of art to match you taste and budget, she will provide you with advice for decorating you space, consultation regarding building you collection, and flexible payment plan options.

Owned and managed by Agora Gallery, a Better Business Bureau accredited fine at gallery located in the heart of New York's Chelsea art district, ARTmine exclusively displays the work of artists represented by the gallery. For more information about Agora Gallery's representation services and to submit your portfolio for review by the gallery's director, visit Agora Gallery's Representation & Artist Promotion page.

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