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Wolfgang Hock: I work with digital technology to create my works, but not in the way that these tools are often used. I do not aim to imitate ‘realism’, to create images identical to every other. Rather, I employ the advantages of the digital method – working fast and freely with colors and lines, and allowing the layers of hue to achieve subtlety –both to explore the potential it holds and to express my own inner vision. The challenge, which I enjoy, is to balance design and planning with spontaneous ‘brushstrokes’ which lend an overall feeling of freedom, reflecting the liberty I myself experience through my chosen medium.
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Wolfgang Hock
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Agora Gallery is a proud sponsor of the Children's Heart Foundation. A select number of artists have created a collection of small works specifically made to honor little hearts all over the world. The entire sales proceeds from the sale of these particular pieces of art will be donated to the Children’s Heart Foundation. View the complete collection here. For more information please call 212-226-4151 Ext. 1005 or email justine@Agora-Gallery.com

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